About Me

Jeremy Hulley

If life has become hard, counseling is a great opportunity to get some help and support. I am trained in many therapeutic models and have been influenced deeply by family systems work, solution focused therapy and strengths based social work practice. Currently my practice is influenced by and focused on Somatic Experiencing®. SE is a body-based, naturalistic approach to the healing of anxiety and trauma. SE helps the client’s nervous system balance and regulate itself, bringing the body’s natural processes online and providing relief for symptoms of trauma and anxiety.

My professional background includes providing case management and counseling services to children and families involved in the foster care system for over thirteen years. I have worked as a therapist with individuals, couples, and families since 2004. Since 2013, my focus has shifted towards somatic work. I completed my Somatic Experiencing training in 2015 and furthered my expertise by training with Kathy Kain and Steve Terrell to incorporate touch into my psychotherapy practice. My journey includes completing Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists in 2016, Somatic Resilience and Regulation in 2017, and Transforming the Experience Based Brain in
2021.  As of 2024 I am an approved group facilitator for Transforming Experiential Groups.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State, as well as a Child Mental Health Specialist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). I am also an approved supervisor in Washington State for therapists who are accruing hours towards licensure.  I earned my Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science/Systems Counseling from Bastyr University’s Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) in 2003. I am a member of the United States Association for Body Pyschotherapy.

I teach and study martial arts with Japanese Fighting Arts Northwest – A school of martial arts and ways located in Seattle, WA. (jfanw.com) and am a second degree black belt in Aikido and a fourth degree black belt in Shinto Ryu Iai Battojutsu, a Japanese Sword art.

I am not currently accepting new clients.